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"Those of us who want the truth, must seek it and those of us who find the truth, must speak it." I don't claim to always be right but I do aspire to persistently pursue truth, especially the One who is The Truth.


Outspokenly Conservative, Unashamedly Christian

My Story

Born in 1989 to a “reverend’s daughter and an ol’ country doctor” – as my dad would say, I loved being the fourth daughter in a brood of nine children, which now includes 14 grandchildren and counting. We grew up in upstate South Carolina where mom faithfully homeschooled each of us from kindergarten through high school and where my siblings and I spent every free moment riding horses all over the countryside or playing in the river.

The family jokes about how I love to talk, but I began to hone my communication skills at the age of 14 when a family friend asked if I would teach his daughter horse-riding lessons. I continued to teach dozens of students for the next nine years, eventually becoming a personal trainer and barn manager for our property as well. 

My parents, politically and culturally engaged Christ-followers, intentionally and frequently imparted an understanding of the issues of our world through the lens of Scripture to their children. Therefore, upon entering college at North Greenville University to major in Christian Studies and Oral Communications, I naturally plugged into the Christian Worldview Department, especially since the Vice President at the time was a long time family friend, Dr. Tony Beam.

Eventually, I became a work study in the Worldview department, and Dr. Beam invited me to spend two hours a week on his daily talk show Christian Worldview Today. For three years I faithfully showed up one day every week to say “Hi” at the start of his two hour show and “Bye” at the end! Despite this less than auspicious beginning, the radio bug had bit! 

After graduating college, marrying, and moving out of state for just over a year, I then moved back to the Upstate the fall of 2013, and Dr. Beam, for some reason unknown to myself, invited me back as a guest co-host each week. Unbeknownst to us both, something had happened to me during my year long hiatus because upon my return a fount of words was released! 

After four years, Dr. Beam invited me to become a daily co-host in late 2017. For the next three and a half years, he and I hosted a radio show Christian Worldview with Tony and Hannah five mornings a week. During 2021 I resigned from the everyday talk show life when I began to homeschool a second child and also became pregnant with our fourth. 

Other than being a talk show host, from 2013-2021, I served as a conference director for multiple events, including apologetics conferences, prayer events, and human trafficking awareness events that welcomed anywhere from 100 to 1,500 citizens. I also served on the Christian Life and Public Affairs Committee for the South Carolina Baptist Convention and now serve on the Board of Trustees for the Baptist Courier magazine.


Above all this, I am a Christ-follower, the wife of my precious husband, Dustin Miller, and the homeschool mom of our four beautiful children: Ruth (2014), Adalynn (2016), Emberly (2019), and David Paul (2021) . We are blessed to attend and delighted to serve our Risen Lord and Savior at New Prospect Baptist Church since 2015.   

"For three years I faithfully showed up one day every week to say, “Hi” at the start of his two hour show and “Bye” at the end!"

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